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Eye splice on double braided line (Samson Line)

Equipment required: Selma – fids (-(needless), knife, marking pen and tape. Find the right Fid (Needle) for measuring an splicing.
If the line is too tight, use a smaller Fid (Needle). Bevel-cut an tape the line-end.

Mark the rope one Fid (Needle) length from the end. A.
Mark again at B according to the loop size. Tie a knot
about 60 in. from B.

Extract the core at B using a small Selmafid (Needle).
Take out the slack from the cover by sliding your hand
from the knot towards B.

Withdraw one more Fid –(Needle-) length of core from B
and mark this point C. Withdraw another 2/3 of a
Fid (Needle) and mark it D on the core.

To make the splicing easy, extract some more core
and make a lock on jusing a small Fid near B. Find the
right Fid (Needle) for splicing. Feed cover-end into Fid
(Needle) at C and take it out at D. Remove Fid (Needle)
and poll cover back into core until end is hidden.

Attach th core-end into Fid (Needle) and insert
Fid (Needle) near C and out of cover one in. past B.

Pull the core through the cover until the slack is taken up.

Get the splice (C-D) into cover by sliding the cover back
over until it reaches point A. Point A and B should now meet.
Cut off the exposed core and strech the eye until the
core goes under the cover.

You have made a perfect eye-splice. If you want to
insert a thimble, the eye-size is to be calculated less than
the circumfence of the thimble.
If desired a thimble can be inserted. Press cover towards thimble, and secure by whipping with twine.